Strategies to Increase Call Center Customer Service in Your Travel Agency

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How to Build a Connection with Customers in a Call Center

Build a Connection

Customers will respond positively to a customer service agent who takes the time to get to know who they are and to figure out what they want. When customers call in for call center services to book their next vacation or work trip, they are looking for a customized itinerary that suits their needs.

By increasing your emotional intelligence, you will learn to pick up on indicators of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, motivations, and frustration. These emotions drive the customer service experience; a great call center agent will efficiently reduce the tedious tasks that may frustrate their customer and pick up on the cues to resolve their issues quickly.

Know Your Customer

In the digital age, customers have ample resources to plan and book their travel plans with ease. Apps are designed for automation and single-platform experience to deliver quick results on open reservations and comparative pricing. Therefore, when customers reach out to a travel agency call center, it is an opportunity to offer an experience that they cannot get through any app- personalization.

Customer service is built on personalization, customer satisfaction peaks when a service representative can identify where a customer is in their journey and follow their journey from beginning to end.

Knowing that your customer is new, can prompt you to offer welcome greetings and review your company’s benefits and special packages. You should create a customer profile to note their likes and dislikes, which will improve the quality of options your agency offers. Ask questions like do you have children? Are you more motivated by budget or quality? Which type of amenities are most important to you in a hotel?

A regular customer may prompt you to thank them for their loyalty, offer loyalty rewards, and review knowledge of their previous travels to anticipate their current needs. For example, knowing that your customer always travels first class or that they don’t mind a red-eye flight. This personal touch will increase the customer’s likeliness to return to you for a highly personalized experience.

Commit to the Entire Process

An agent can set their agency apart from others by committing to the journey of booking a trip from beginning to end. Customers have shared that top-notch customer service agents follow up with them throughout the entire travel experience. Many companies have multiple departments, which means your customers are on the phone with multiple customer service representatives and may feel like they are repeating themselves over and over again each time they talk to someone new.

You can set your agency apart by working with offering customers personalized help throughout each part of their travel with our small business and travel call center services. If they need to speak with a different department, such as a car rental department agent, personally connect them to the new agent, and follow up with customer service questions when they are done.

A simple phone call to check if the agent delivered on their needs will boost customer satisfaction. Do a follow-up with a phone call after your customer’s trip to determine if the booking went as planned and inquire about any issues during that came up during the trip to help resolve them, or offer a promotion to compensate.

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