Medical Answering Services

Maximizing Efficiency with Answer Carolina’s Medical Answering Services

Answer Carolina serves medical practices in North Carolina and South Carolina. The call center uses the latest technology to provide clients with quality, medical answering services. Answer Carolina’s medical practice clients rely on the call center to keep their practices running efficiently and take the necessary measure to make sure the network always runs smoothly.

Answer Carolina’s web-based terminals are the most efficient on the market. When a patient gets sick or is suffering from chronic pain getting answers quickly is essential. To ensure clients’ calls are answered timely, Answer Carolina uses a power switch generator to prevent interruptions due to inclement weather conditions. Call center technology is web-based, using flat-screen display terminals to ensure patient information is accurate.

Dispatching Options for Clients

What sets Answer Carolina apart from other medical answering services in the call center industry is the variety of dispatching options available to clients. Most answering services rely entirely on pagers and phones. Answer Carolina dispatches calls using different methods of communication. Some of the message delivery options include alpha pagers, digital pagers, email, fax, and personal digital assistants. Answer Carolina is happy to customize a communications plan to suit the needs of each of our clients.

Prompt Efficient Service for Physicians

Each physician that uses the Answer Carolina service can choose the methods they prefer for message delivery. Answer Carolina is happy to provide a call-back to patients to verify they were contacted by their physician. In a medical practice with several physicians, Answer Carolina can separate the type of calls that go to each of the providers. Another feature of Answer Carolina’s service is voicemail on each account. Many physician’s practices use voicemail as a pharmacy line so patients can call to request medication refills. The process of getting a prescription is streamlined. Patients don’t have to wait in line at the pharmacy for prescription refills. Answer Carolina takes patient confidentiality seriously and follows HIPAA compliance.

Better Communication With Patients

Traditionally the reputation of the healthcare industry isn’t the best when it comes to patient communication. Patients often call their physician’s office after the office closes and sometimes wait for hours for a call-back. Another problem is often a patient is put on hold while a nurse relays the message. Physicians and patients both benefit from using a call center for communication. When a patient calls Answer Carolina a call center agent can immediately relay the information to the doctor. When a patient isn’t feeling well, the call center can contact their physician and relay the information. When a patient can get answers right away, to relieve the stress.

Answer Carolina is the best solution for physicians who want their patients to have quality care. It’s reassuring for physicians and their patients to have a 24-hour support system available.