A Guide To Utilize Virtual Receptionist for Accelerating Your Business Growth

Receptionist working virtually

Call answering services can be an invaluable resource as you grow your business. Many enterprises today need many more receptionists than in the past. Call answering services in Carolina help both new and established businesses keep up with clients.

Call Answering Services for Many Industries

Whether you need a small business answering service or multiple receptionists for a large clinic, we can help. Call answering services in Carolina can be specialized for industries like health care or property management. Restaurants and many kinds of small businesses also benefit from this service.

Options Like Never Before Using New Technology

Call centers have traditionally relied on phones and pagers to provide virtual services. Answer Carolina offers multiple dispatching options using fully web-based terminals. We can dispatch via email, digital pagers, fax, Alpha pagers, priority development areas, and more. We are a call answering services company serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and throughout the Southeast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Highest Standards in Patient Confidentiality

Receptionists can help physicians from a virtual center using the same standards of care that an in-office receptionist would provide. Web-based terminals and a fully automatic switch power generator allow us to provide ongoing service through difficult weather.

Our receptionists are trained in HIPAA compliance. They can assist physicians with screening, full-time care, callbacks, and voicemail services. They are trained in patient confidentiality.

Our virtual system uses passwords for each computer and firewall protection. We can work with any type of device to relay messages to physicians. We do not require physicians to use the same type of device for client accounts with more than one physician.

Full-time Reservations and Vendor Support for Restaurants

Let our receptionists help you with your vendor calls. We offer reservation lines for restaurant operating hours as well as 24-hour reservation lines. Many restaurant owners find that managing shifts, breaks, and customer concerns becomes much easier with virtual assistance.

A Friendly Small Business Answering Service

Small businesses of all kinds benefit from supportive, caring receptionists. We serve tax professionals, ranchers, farms, boutiques, wedding planners, manufacturers, and many more small business owners. Our goal is to make sure your valued clients get the time and quick attention they are looking for. We help small businesses maintain a strong client relationship that will grow their customer base. You can count on exceptionally professional, thoughtful service from our receptionists.

Customize Your Property Management Account

Property managers love our services. We work to ensure that your exact instructions are followed with each client. Our receptionists carefully handle both emergency and non-emergency calls for each property. You have all kinds of options when you work with us to ensure that everything is just right. Our receptionists are able to efficiently dispatch responders during emergency calls so that you can stay on top of things.

Contact Answer Carolina today to find out how we can help connect with your clients. We have many customization options to make sure you get exactly the services you need.